Troubleshoot Slow Beam Broadband Connection

Beam Broadband

I have a 10 MBPS Beam Braodband connection but for last few hours my internet was extremely slow. To check the speed, I opened and it was showing my internet speed at 0.06 MBPS.

For the normal troubleshooting I shutdown my computer, switched off the broadband router and restarted the whole setup all over but the speed did not improve. I called the Beam Support number but all they did was logged my complaint and said they will send a technician to fix the problem. I waited and after a couple of hours I got a call from Beam Tech Support department. They asked me to log off from my Beam account by going to and then to login again using my login credentials. I followed this simple step and the problem got fixed.

So, next time, if your Beam internet connection is not giving the expected speed you can try this simple troubleshooting step. Logout from your Beam account and Login again and your internet speed should return back to normal.





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  1. aditya says:

    Thanks a lot….
    I had the same problem.